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Montana Legislature

The Montana Legislature meets every two years for 90 days. Montana’s 150 lawmakers can profoundly influence the the quality of our wild trout fisheries and outstanding angling opportunities.HB_309_Rally

Past Legislatures have benefitted wild trout and our outdoor heritage.  For example, they:

  • Affirmed your right to access Montana’s rivers and streams from public bridges;
  • Improved water law so that water left in a stream is considered a legally beneficial use while also allowing TU and others to lease water rights to benefit fish; and
  • Created the Future Fisheries Improvement Program, which has financed millions of dollars of trout habitat restoration throughout Montana.

But legislators also weaken laws that protect water, fish and public access. For example, the 2011 Legislature severely weakened the law requiring state agencies to review and modify development activities that harm water and fish.

Montana Trout Unlimited is successful at the Legislature for two reasons:

  • First, we are a respected voice.
  • Second, and crucially, Montana Trout Unlimited has you.

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