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Montana Trout Unlimited

MTU supports ballot initiative to protect Montana’s clean water

Montana Trout Unlimited has stepped out in support of a proposed ballot initiative that will be an asset in protecting our coldwater fisheries from mining contamination and protecting tax payers from the burden of cleanup.

Mining pollution from acid mine drainage, arsenic, mercury and lead is contaminating our water and threatening public health. Out-of-state and foreign mining companies have a history of sending their profits overseas, breaking their promises, and then going bankrupt, leaving Montanans to deal with their toxic pollution that requires treating contaminated water forever. It’s unfair that Montana taxpayers are left to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in clean-up costs while these mining companies walk away with billions in profits. It’s time to hold these foreign mining companies accountable and making sure future mining is done responsibly.

This initiative is about protecting Montana taxpayers and public health, and holding foreign mining companies accountable. It will require a reclamation plan for new hardrock mines that prevents permanent pollution from acid mine drainage and water contaminated by arsenic, lead and mercury. It does not affect existing mining operations.

Read more about the ballot initiative in this fact sheet – YES for responsible mining

Follow the progress of the initiative online at and