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Montana Trout Unlimited

Catch & Release

Proper catch and release technique is an important skill for every angler. Using the appropriate gear and the proper technique is vital in reducing angling mortality.  Be aware that high water temperatures increase stress on fish.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks recommends anglers follow these guidelines:

  • Land the fish quickly and do not play it to exhaustion.
  • Wet your hands before handling the fish.
  • Keep the fish in the water as much as possible.
  • Minimize the time out of water for photos.
  • Remove the hook gently.  Use single and barbless hooks.
  • Let the fish recover before release.
  • If the fish is hooked deeply or bleeding, snip the line at the fish’s mouth.
  • Consider limiting your catch.  Even with catch and release, fish are stressed and some will die.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Catch and Release Poster

Take a moment to view the Flathead Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited’s PSA on catch and release technique.