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Montana Trout Unlimited works on conserving, protecting and restoring Montana’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. We

jimmersonscenic advocate for:

  • clean water and instream flows;
  • healthy habitat and naturally functioning watersheds and floodplains; and
  • fishery management that preserves and improves populations of wild coldwater fish, with a priority on conserving populations of native species, such as cutthroat trout, bull trout and grayling.
  • preserving the public’s right to recreate on Montana’s streams and rivers.

We succeed because we’re a respected voice for conservation, and because we have you!

Below is a list of our past Action Alerts on issues that require your help. Get involved and help protect the wild trout and premier waters and fishing opportunities that you love!

Thank Sen. Tester for protecting clean water! (1/22/16)

Ask Tester to support clean water, fish & wildlife  (11/2/15)

Help manage your favorite fisheries. Weigh in by 10/3/15 on MFWP’s proposed changes to fishing regulations (9/29/15)

Help Avoid Perpetual Pollution – Yes on HB626 (3/24/15)

Half Time Report: Montana Legislature (3/8/15)

Montana FWP Seeks public comment on Fish Creek Land acquisition by 11/7/2014

DNRC Seeks Public Comment on Draft State Water Plan by 10/26/14

Fish Creek  Conservation Alert(1/14/14)

Smith River Mine Alert (8/16/13)

Flathead DEIS Alert (6/27/13)

Noxon Reservoir Walleye Suppresion 

Legislative Update (3/3/2013)

HB 561 Alert

Legislative Update (2/8/2013)

GGTU Event w/ Kelley Galloup

Legislative Update (2/1/2013)

SB 19 – A bill before the Montana Legislature that would Codify the exempt well loophole


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