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Montana Trout Unlimited

MTU License Plates

MTU License PlateMontana Trout Unlimited specialty license plates.

To get your trout plates, walk into your local DMV office and ask for them! A set of MTU plates cost $20/year plus a one-time administrative fee of $20 when you purchase. If you are exchanging old license plates, be sure to bring them in with you.

Monte DolackMonte Dolack Tells Us About the Montana TU Plate Design and His Work

“The trout on the plate is taken from a poster I did several years ago to celebrate the Nature Conservancy’s work on the Big Blackfoot River. It portrays a big, beautiful westslope cutthroat trout in a clean and clear river. The westslope is a symbol of healthy river systems. It is one of two cutthroats native to Montana and is found west of the Continental Divide and in the upper Missouri drainage. The other cutthroat native to Montana is the Yellowstone cutthroat. Its historical range is Yellowstone Lake and the upper Yellowstone River drainage. The cutthroat trout is Montana’s state fish.

My paintings are inspired by the natural world and by a deep interest in travel, art and nature. I paint situations that explore encounters with nature, personalizing the images by inventing my own scenarios and symbols to represent cultural, spiritual and social influences. Color, composition and drama are important consideration in my paintings. I work in acrylics, carefully building the images with layer upon layer of thin luminous paint glazes. Over the years I have done commissioned posters for many environmental organizations in the Northern Rockies.”

Monte Dolack
December 3, 2002