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Planned Giving

A legacy of wild trout!

You can help make sure that wild trout and the waters they depend on are protected well into the future.

Planned gifts to Montana Trout Unlimited can be made today or after you are gone, and can provide financial benefits for you and your family.

Planned gifts can be made to Montana Trout Unlimited for general operating purposes, or designated for specific activities such as habitat restoration, education, and advocacy.

Donors also have an option to direct planned gifts to Montana Trout Unlimited’s permanent endowment fund with the Montana Community Foundation. The principal of the endowment is held in perpetuity and managed to generate income that is, in turn, invested in Montana TU’s efforts to protect the state’s wild trout and their watersheds. Contributors that are Montana residents can reduce their state income taxes by using the State of Montana’s Endowment Tax Credit.


The simplest and most common planned gift is made through your will or living trust. Bequests can be cash, stock, real estate, other property or a percentage of your whole estate. Contact Montana TU or your attorney for language that can appropriately state your intentions.
If you have already included Montana Trout Unlimited in your estate plans and would like to make us aware of your decisions, please notify Kelley Willett at We want to thank you for your commitment!


A gift annuity allows you to make a substantial gift to Montana Trout Unlimited and receive payments for life, plus immediate tax benefits. With a gift annuity you give cash or other assets and in exchange receive fixed payments in quarterly installments. The size of the payment depends on the size of the gift and your age. Payments may be made to you, a spouse or another beneficiary.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable trusts are established with cash or other assets through the Montana Community Foundation or a trust company on behalf of Montana Trout Unlimited. The trust pays income to you or your beneficiary for life or for a specific term. Under the provisions of a Remainder Trust, Montana Trout Unlimited would be named as the remainder beneficiary of the trust. Under the provisions of a Lead Trust, the income is directed to Montana Trout Unlimited and the trust’s assets are returned to you.

Life Estate Gifts

While retaining the lifetime right to use and enjoy your residence, farm or ranch, you can make a significant donation by deeding your property to Montana Trout Unlimited upon death.

Life Insurance Gifts

Substantial gifts can be made through life insurance policies, with a range of tax benefits. Consider purchasing a new policy and naming Montana Trout Unlimited as the owner and beneficiary. You can also transfer ownership of an existing policy to Montana Trout Unlimited. Your insurance agent will know what works best for you.

It is absolutely essential that you speak with knowledgeable financial advisors, insurance agents, and perhaps estate counsel to decide which gift is best for you and your family. If we can be of any assistance, including educating your advisors regarding our work and financial structure, please contact Kelley Willett, Montana Trout Unlimited’s Development Director, at 406-543-0054.