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Founded in 1964, Montana Trout Unlimited is the only statewide grassroots organization dedicated solely to conserving and restoring Montana’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Montana TU is comprised of 13 chapters representing approximately 3,900 Trout Unlimited members.

Montana TU serves as TU National’s Montana State Council. We work closely with the National organization on conservation priorities in Montana. Montana TU’s staff of four  work for the 13 local chapters and focus on protecting Montana’s wild trout legacy and outstanding angling opportunities.  Montana TU’s grassroots power and reach resonate with everyday Montanans, because we are everyday Montanans.

Montana TU is financially independent of TU National and governed by volunteer directors from each of the state’s local chapters. All contributions to Montana TU are tax-deductible and support conservation, protection and restoration efforts in Montana.

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Trout Unlimited is America’s leading trout and salmon conservation organization, with  over 140,000 members and 400 volunteer-based chapters across the United States and Canada. TU’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore the nation’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Trout Unlimited’s national headquarters is in Arlington, Virginia, and TU staff are also located in field offices throughout the U.S. Join Trout Unlimited today!