MTU anticipates heavy lifting to safeguard the laws, programs, and funding that protect our coldwater fisheries and the outdoor heritage they sustain during this legislative session. At the top of the list, we will once again double down to ensure adequate funding for mitigating the potentially catastrophic implications of aquatic invasive species infestations in our waterways. While the last legislature created specific policy structures to address these concerns, the funding terminates at the end of the biennium, meaning lawmakers will have to explore solutions for maintaining millions of dollars in funding.

Additionally, we once again anticipate robust discussions over investments in important fisheries and habitat conservation programs at the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks like the Future Fisheries Improvement Program and Habitat Montana. And, last but not least, we know that the mining companies and their foreign backers will once again be committed to weakening protections for our streams and rivers by gutting our water quality and mine permitting laws in the name of profit.

We look forward to keeping you engaged and informed throughout the session so you can be sure to ask your legislators to stand up for our coldwater fisheries.