Say Thanks For Voting To Protect Our Rivers and Streams

When the Environmental Protection Agency faced devastating budget cuts of up to 34 percent, Senator Jon Tester stood up for conservationists, sportsmen and sportswomen and voted for funding the EPA programs that clean up  Montana’s famous rivers and streams from the messes that mining companies have left and continue to leave behind.

Thank Senator Tester for standing up for the people and wildlife of Montana, and urge him to keep up the fight so that Montanans can continue to enjoy fishing with their families for generations to come.

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Dear Senator Tester

I am writing to thank you for voting to protect Montana sportsmen, sportswomen, and wildlife from toxic pollution and supporting the cleanup of Montana’s Superfund sites. Mining represents one of the most pressing threats to our water resources and our outstanding outdoor way of life. Keeping our water clean depends on fully funded bedrock institutions like the EPA that protect clean water in our communities.

We are fortunate to have places like the Smith River that provide essential habitats for brown and rainbow trout and the Big Blackfoot River that is home to native westslope and bull trout, and world-class opportunities for outdoor recreation and sport. We must prioritize funding for programs and good policies that keep this water clean now and for generations to come.

The people of Montana are counting on your continued support to fund EPA programs that clean up pollution and protect our waterways from further risk.

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