The “richest acre” is Camp Baker

For "Throwback Thursday" - a social-media thing where people post about things in the past - Tintina Resources posted a photo of a Montana historic-point sign informing travelers about the Smith River Valley. Tintina Resources loved that the sign says the Smith River Valley contained the "richest acre of ground in the world" if you were one of the 1960s gold-placer crowd. While the claim is debatable - no source is given for the quote and the world is a pretty big place - the Smith River Valley does still contain a rich acre. That would be Camp Baker, where each year about 5,500 river lovers gather over the course of about seven months to launch on their own adventures of the Smith River. (more…)


Modern mining? Company sell-outs

Let's say - just hypothetically - that there was a mining company out there run by people who could guarantee that a small mine wouldn't cause any environmental problems. This is obviously hypothetical because no such company or mine exists. If it did, it would be good, but there would be no guarantee that company would own the mine throughout its lifetime. In the world of capitalism, mining and fluctuating metal prices, mines often swap hands and nothing guarantees that the new owner will have the same priorities. (more…)

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