Water always runs downhill and that’s why Montana Trout Unlimited (MTU) created the Montana Brewshed® Alliance — to highlight the importance of clean water for conservationists and brewers alike. When water flows through a landscape it picks up natural minerals that give it a distinct local flavor. However, water can also pick up pollutants that can damage downstream beer and fresh water supplies. When MTU accomplishes our mission – to conserve, protect, and restore Montana’s amazing trout streams and their watersheds – we also protect superior downstream beer and community water supplies – that is what we call the Brewshed connection.

The Montana Brewshed® Alliance program is an exciting way to engage conservation allies who have a vested interest in our work in safeguarding clean water and adequate stream flows. By working with local breweries, distilleries, cider houses, coffee roasters and others to host local events, we have the opportunity to educate the public and garner support for our effort to protect clean water and the local Brewshed®.  For more information on how you can join the Brewshed®Alliance, email Outreach Coordinator Bill Pfeiffer at bill@montanatu.org.