Conservation easements protect Smith River

It’s always a shame when one entity can spoil the work and cooperation of many. That’s what will happen if Tintina Resources spoils the Smith River with acid mine drainage.

One example of all the work that’s gone into the Smith River is the many conservation easements that landowners have created to preserve the beauty of the lands around the Smith River. The Montana Land Reliance just created a GoogleEarth video that allows the viewer to fly down the Smith River and see the 26 conservation easements that cover 21,400 acres along 40 miles of the Smith River corridor (Plate 33 – Smith River Valley). The video is a great illustration of how much landowners value the river and the wild country around it.

After all that work getting the easements, in-kind donations and sacrifice – landowners have sacrificed their ability to market the land for other uses – wouldn’t it be terrible if mine pollution ruined the river that runs through it all? Should mine companies be allowed the potential to ruin the treasures, investments and hopes of others? With all the other protections the Smith River has been given, shouldn’t its water be protected too?