Action Alerts

  • Tell us your clean water story

    On June 30 we urged folks to send us their Clean Water Stories.  Below is one of those great submissions!  We urge you to keep those stories coming in.  We’ll send you some sweet MTU gear in exchange.  Submit your stories and photos to [email protected] we’d also love to see your photos on Instagram #30daysforcleanwater.  For […]

  • 30 Days for Clean Water – We need your help!

    You have 30 days to tell the EPA to protect Clean Water The public can now comment on a decision by the Trump administration to repeal a rule that would protect 60 percent of stream miles in American.  In June, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would begin the process of repealing the 2015 […]

  • Staying Connected with MTU

    It’s a digital age. Most of us are connected to the outside world through some form of electronic media whether its email newsletters or social media like Facebook and Twitter. Montana TU has traditionally relied on print media to communicate with our membership. However, electronic media can be a valuable tool for communicating with membership […]