Montana Brewshed®Alliance

Clean water is about more than good fishing.

Montana isn’t just home to incredible trout streams. It’s also a great place to drink locally brewed beer, distilled spirits, fresh roasted coffee, and other wonderful beverages. Many of our community businesses rely on a supply of clean water to produce great products. That’s where the Montana Brewshed® Alliance comes in.

The Montana Brewshed® Alliance is an effort to team up with beverage makers across the state to raise awareness on clean water issues, promote our businesses’ need for pristine water sources, and further our mission: to conserve, protect, and restore Montana’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. In short, when we take care of trout, we take care of our water and ourselves. The Brewshed® Alliance is an outreach initiative designed to celebrate and promote the overlapping interests between the conservation and beverage communities.

What does it mean to be a Brewshed® Alliance member?

Brewshed® Alliance partners value clean, healthy, naturally functioning watersheds and serve great brewed beverages. When a business joins the Brewshed® Alliance network they solidify their interest in protecting cold, clean water that flows from pristine headwaters and finishes in their patrons’ glasses.

Our partners’ support takes many forms: friend-raising through hosting & participating in events, sharing MTU’s conservation work through social media & conversation with patrons, and participating in conservation initiatives that are meaningful to each individual partner. Partner businesses also help us raise money to support our mission: to conserve, protect, and restore Montana’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

No matter how our Brewshed® Alliance partners chose to contribute, we value their commitment to a cleaner, healthier Montana. We encourage you to patronize all those that support our important work.

How can our business join the Montana Brewshed®Alliance ?

Your partnership signifies a commitment to protecting watersheds in Montana that leads to high quality clean water sources and superior downstream brewed beverages. We offer a very general menu of opportunities for partners to undertake each year BUT we welcome partners to be creative and find new unique ways to promote the Brewshed® Alliance and our work that will inspire patrons and fit each partner’s community and priorities.

To view specific partner expectations, check out our Partnership Overview document here. To join, returned a signed scanned copy of the Partnership Agreement along with a high-resolution version of your logo to Bill Pfeiffer at [email protected].