All Smith rivers are worthy of protection

Here in Montana, we want to preserve our precious Smith River, but it's not the only Smith threatened by mining. Over in the Kalmiopsis region of southwestern Oregon, the headwaters of the Smith River that flows through northern California are threatened by proposed nickel strip mines. The mining companies are seeking permits from the U.S. Forest Service, which just closed public comment on an environmental assessment on May 27. (more…)


DEQ takes legal action for mine reclamation funds

The struggle over who pays for the reclamation of a Lewistown-area mine has moved into the courts. The CR Kendall Corporation filed for bankruptcy protection in November, but it has yet to finish restoration work on the CR Kendall Mine north of Lewistown in the North Moccasin Mountains. So last week, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality┬á asked the court not to let the company out of an obligation to pay $6.2 million for the remainder of the mine reclamation. (more…)


Modern mining: Canada’s reckless mining legacy

Although the archaic 1872 Mining Act allows U.S. mining companies to get away with a lot, Canada's laws are even worse when it comes to holding mining companies accountable. Tintina Resources is based in Canada. Not only that, but it's based in British Columbia where an auditor general recently issued a report that slammed British Columbia's mines monitoring and inspection program. (more…)

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